How to upcycyle // Old wardrobe mirror from the skip

Old wardrobe mirror upcycling project.

About a year ago I’ve found old wardrobe in a skip. As I was going home on the bus I’ve managed to salvage only a door pane with a mirror. I decided to turn it into a wall mirror.

The process involved filling up empty hinge and lock spaces with wooden plugs, removing old varnish and painting with Rust-Oleum paints and getting crackle effect.

For painting I used Rust-Oleum Fire Brick chalk paint: (affiliate) and Rustoleum Duck Egg chalk paint on top: (affiliate) For crackle effect I used Rust-Oleum crackle paint set: Base coat: (affiliate) Top coat: (affiliate)

It’s simply to follow the instructions on the tin:

  1. base paint against the wood grain to dry,
  2. base crackle coat against the wood grain to dry min. 2hrs,
  3. top paint applied quickly and wait until all crackles will develop,
  4. top crackle coat for securing.

Mind your head comes from E-bay, as well as steel line clips. I also added some white reclaimed enamel hooks for hairbrushes or other accessories.

Brass logo etched according to this tutorial:…

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